Wednesday, 17 August 2016

♛ Pandora : Make your own story

I bought my first pandora during May 2015, the soft-type bracelet with 5 charm.. and lost them. (Somebody steal it) I was very frustated so few months later I buy myself a new one, 2014 winter collection limited edition bangle with star clasp. This collection isn't available in Malaysia, not anymore. After wearing them for a year, I think I wanna share with you the story behind my charms.

Creating a story inside your bracelet is what Pandora is all about.
But first, here are few pieces of information for you if you didn't know

Bangle : source
  • Sizes : 17cm, 19cm, 21cm
  • Silver 925
  • MY retail price : RM379
  • Metal memory - able to spring back to its original shape
  • Lightweight and hollow
  • Strong, not easily bent

Charms information:
  • Silver 925
  • Cubic zirconia stone
  • High quality enamel

I found all collections are pretty, cool and unique but I didn't buy for the design or how it look. I buy the one that has sentimental and art values, the one that has something to relate to. Simply, here are the meanings behind every charm I collect. :)

Forever together 790513
This little scroll symbolizes me & him. Seeing this charms reminds me the happy moment of us.

Orang Utan
One of the natural habitat of orang utan is Sabah. This charm represents the place where I born & grew up.

Artist's palette 791268CZMX
I love art, all form of art. The charm represent one of my interest & the stone colors symbolizes varieties of art. Be it dance, sing, drawing, crafts, designing etc

Cruise ship 791043
Penang was popular with luxurious cruise ship. It is also the place I pursue my diploma, where I met amazing people & made lots of friends, achieve my dreams in singing, modeling & gain lots of experience. There are so many untold memories so I have to buy this charm because they are unforgettable

Windmill 791297
A dutch windmill can be seen standing tall at Freeport A'Famosa, hence this cute little charm represent Melaka my 3rd home where I currently work.  This is the place where I met more people, become more matured through great experiences and learn many new things.

Adventure awaits 791147CZ
It's a dangling passport. It's cute. I love travelling and hoping to travel more soon. So I bought this charm to represent one of my interest.

Up and away, Hot air balloon 791145ENM
This air balloon represents the freedom. I think I am free, free to make decisions in life, free to go where I wanna go.

Moneybag 790332
This cute little bag could represent just about anything, but it doesn't tell that I love money okay!

Radiant hearts, Sky blue crystal 791725NBS
Petite Facets 791499PCZ
Space in my heart 791252cz

These are some decorations for my bracelet. I have to put some colors on it so it won't look boring. I love the color combinations of blue and pink. Pastel colors are my favorites too.

This is how I personalise all the charm in one place. Obviously, it is not advisable to add any more than half of it as it won't be comfortable. Bangle isn't as flexible as the soft bracelet which is able to hold up to 16 charm as long as it still has space.

I like it mess!
Finally... Made my own story in a bangle and proud to wear them everywhere I go. It tooks some time to arrange them but I am very satisfied. Pandora charms makes me think of the special moments I had and it also identifies who I am. When life gets tough, I take a few seconds to look at the charms and I get reminded of happy memories. It makes me feel a lot more lighter, and cheerful.

So my next charm would be:
Lucky elephant - Been to thailand so it's a must have
Korean doll - Represent korea, coming in a week. Excited!

What do you think about pandora?

P/s: I think I'm gonna get my self a soft bracelet soon because there are lots of latest collections that seduces me and my bangle has no more space. Argh!

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